“I love this music. As soon as it started I felt as if I was floating in the atmosphere. I relaxed and went on a journey and it was like I was in the clouds, whispy light clouds. This music is very ethereal and spiritual. I felt totally relaxed and can imagine lying in bed at night falling asleep to your music. Beautiful!”Client of Kessy - www.centeredbody.com.au
“Seamlessly produced… so much fuller, and richer. It gave me the impression of a huge ship, moving across a still sea line, with nothing else surrounding it but the sea. It has a filmic sense to me.”Julian Illman: BrilliantLivingHQ.com
“Gently ethereal and disassociated, therefore allowing time and space for meditation… relaxing since no inner tensions appear in the layering of the sounds.”Isobel - Therapist