Royalty Free Terms & Conditions


  • Royalty Free means you are buying the rights to use the music commercially.
  • Personal Use means you are buying the music to use personally & cannot use it commercially without breaking international copyright laws.

As well as free mood music we sell royalty free music for professionals.

Professionals often wish to use royalty free or ‘stock’ music for films, media, products or for their practice. For example, we’ve written royalty free relaxation music for massage therapists, hypnotherapists, researchers doing clinical trials and many other settings. These people have either used it in their treatment rooms or to create their own products without needing to worry about agencies collecting royalties.

The same applies to media, film and any most other product/situation you require.

Professional and Royalty Free Usage

Royalty free licenses are available for any of the tracks. There are two types; ‘single’ or ‘unlimited’. The terms vary in their detail, and we advise that you read the two sample PDF licenses below.

Sample ‘Single’ License

Sample ‘Unlimited’ License

When you purchase a royalty free track you are issued one of these PDF’s, stamped with your name & email. Not all royalty free terms are the same, so it is worth looking at the sample PDFs above

General Information/FAQ’s with Royalty Free Licences

One-off payment.
Once your payment has been received you will not have to pay any ongoing fees of any type.

No expiry date
The licenses have no expiry date. Provided that your payment is received in full, you can continue to use the music (within the terms provided) indefinitely.

Unlimited distribution (within the terms provided)
If you create a unique audio/video production with a track as its background, you may distribute an unlimited number of copies of that product at any price, in as many formats as you like, anywhere in the world.

Editing the music
You may edit the audio file’s length & loop it as you see fit. You are also permitted to apply fade-ins and fade-outs.

Providing credit and links
With the creation of physical or downloadable products, we kindly ask that you provide a credit, either in written form on the back of a CD for example, or as a link on the page where your product is sold. The following is a suggestion as for what to include.

“Music composed by Jack Vaughan. Licensed by”

Prohibited Uses

1. Distributing the music by itself
Unless authorised in writing, you cannot distribute the music by itself, either for free or for profit. This includes copying the music on its own for your clients (however “single-copy” customised case-by-case recordings of your voice utilising this track in the background are permitted – see point D above)

2. Creating derivative works for distribution of any kind
You cannot alter the music slightly by adding additional instrumentation, musical sounds, nature sounds or brainwave entrainment frequencies and then claim that the music is yours. The distribution of derivative works (either for free or for profit) is strictly prohibited. (please note that this does not include the distribution of your own products with this music as background)

3. Sub-licensing the music
You cannot sub-license the music to any third party, nor can you sell the music as part of a production music library, as stock music, royalty free music or a music sample library.

4. Transfer this royalty free license to anyone other than yourself.
Your clients, and customers will fall under the terms of this license. They are therefore permitted to privately use the products you create with each royalty free track purchased, in accordance with the terms provided. Under no circumstances however may you give, loan, donate or sell your license to other practitioners. Any individuals or institutions found utilising a track, or any others, without having purchased directly a royalty-free license from, will be in direct violation of these terms and international copyright laws.