Royalty Free Music Downloads

About our royalty free relaxation music

Our royalty free relaxation music is designed to offer you copyright free music to use however you desire. It can sometimes be difficult to find high quality creative commons music, and we’re changing that. Our relaxation music is designed for a variety of different situations and scenarios, from meditation and massage, to hypnosis and therapy, but it can be used just about any way you see fit.

When you use these royalty free music downloads, you’ll discover a world of peace and tranquility in just about every track, that you can use to set at atmosphere or ‘mood’ however you need it. They are great listening options for personal use, if you simply need to unwind, or they can be used in established businesses, like a spa, or yoga class. The gentle soothing sounds are meant to inspire and open up the innermost tranquility in all of us, from infants to seniors, and everyone in between.

Whether you’re looking for sounds that reflect the serene scenery of nature, or something more new wave, yet calming, we invite you to browse our soothing selections. Each one is composed to alleviate tension, and allow the listener to really ‘escape’ the everyday stresses of the world for awhile.

This type of music is truly impactful, even if you use it to simply create a certain type of environment for yourself, for clients, etc. You may find it quite incredible how much music can truly affect someone’s overall well being, stress levels, and sense of self. This royalty free relaxation music is created with that in mind, offering a taste of tranquility with every gentle tone, to be used however you need it most.