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Mindful Shores

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Simple Meditation Music

Mindful Shores is one of our more simpler royalty free relaxation tracks. Through our experience & feedback with many different meditators and therapists we have learned that simplicity of sound can often aid the meditation & relaxation process more profoundly.

Although they can be incredibly relaxing, the bigger-sounding soundscapes of our other tracks can, for the over-active mind inhibit stillness and mindfulness. Mindful shores is barer, leaner, and yet still a warm, friendly aid to the meditation & focussing process. As such, it also can aid work sessions in busy environments or indeed simply increase focus.

Listening to this piece of music can hold the space for you & your clients to move into a blissful relaxation session, allowing them to feel held, relaxed and in-tune.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Seamlessly produced… so much fuller, and richer. It gave me the impression of a huge ship, moving across a still sea line, with nothing else surrounding it but the sea. It has a filmic sense to me.Julian, BrilliantLivingHQ.com
Gently ethereal and disassociated, therefore allowing time and space for meditation… relaxing since no inner tensions appear in the layering of the sounds.Isobel, Therapist

Meet the composer

Jack started out his therapeutic training back in 2010 with MBSR courses and introductory counselling, and continues to study a range of integrative approaches whilst gaining more experience in the coaching world.

A musician from the age of 8 years old, Jack has studied Jazz, Classical Composition, Conducting and Orchestration with a number of the UK’s top practitioners and continues working and studying as a composer and arranger.

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