Deep Sea – Calming Ocean Music

Deep Sea

Calming Ocean Music

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Relaxing Ocean Music

Think about the most relaxing place you could be, and what types of sounds would be surrounding you there. Do you have it? Good. There’s a pretty good chance that place includes some type of water. And if it initially didn’t, thinking about calming ocean music probably has you in a pretty relaxed state now, doesn’t it?

That’s the effect that relaxing water music tends to have on us, no matter when we hear it. The sounds of the sea have been known to help with a multitude of different things over the years. People use music with water for meditation purposes, to be able to become closer with nature. Others use the gentle sounds of lapping waves and the breeze of cool sea air to fall asleep. Others simply use sounds of the ocean to relax, and destress during the middle of the day, as a sort of ‘pick me up.’

Water Sounds and Music

There is something extremely soothing and cathartic about different ocean sounds with music. This particular selection is designed with complete relaxation and de-stressing in mind. There have been many scientific studies performed about the connection between water and our minds. We crave the ability to be near the water all the time, and the simple sounds of the ocean can give us that feeling, even in the comfort of our own homes. Those sounds can get rid of tension, and even promote creativity. Not only is a soundtrack like this perfect for personal use, but it would add an incredible touch of ambience to a spa, therapy center, etc., where relaxation is key.

As people, it’s natural for us to be calmer when we experience the water’s sounds, so no matter what your specific needs are, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy this relaxing selection to help get you through your day, again and again.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Seamlessly produced… so much fuller, and richer. It gave me the impression of a huge ship, moving across a still sea line, with nothing else surrounding it but the sea. It has a filmic sense to me.Julian,
Gently ethereal and disassociated, therefore allowing time and space for meditation… relaxing since no inner tensions appear in the layering of the sounds.Isobel, Therapist

Meet the composer

Jack started out his therapeutic training back in 2010 with MBSR courses and introductory counselling, and continues to study a range of integrative approaches whilst gaining more experience in the coaching world.

A musician from the age of 8 years old, Jack has studied Jazz, Classical Composition, Conducting and Orchestration with a number of the UK’s top practitioners and continues working and studying as a composer and arranger.