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Royalty Free Relaxation Music

At Music By Mood we create music for massage, meditation, concentration, hypnotherapy and more. Our sonic experiences are carefully crafted to aid relaxation, study and other moments of calm. We sell royalty free music licences as well as give away music for free.

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 All of our premium royalty free relaxation tracks are full 40+minutes of uninterrupted music for relaxation, study & meditation. Carefully structured and expertly mixed – they provide a high quality space for you to do your work in confidence, and one royalty free license will last you a lifetime (read more here). 

Copyright Free/Royalty Free Music

We sell royalty free music for professionals such as therapists, teachers and spas.

  • Royalty Free means you are buying the rights to use the music commercially.
  • Personal Use means you are buying the music to use personally & cannot use it commercially without breaking international copyright laws.

Professionals often wish to use royalty free music for products or for their practice. For example, we’ve written royalty free relaxation music for massage therapists, hypnotherapists, researchers doing clinical trials and many other settings. These people have either used it in their treatment rooms or to create their own products without needing to worry about copyright issues or agencies collecting royalties. Read more about the no copyright music license.

About Music By Mood

Our deep passion for creating incredible sonic environments led us to form MusicByMood in 2013. Since then, we’ve been developing and honing our unique approach, whilst we collaborate more and more with practitioners and researchers in the healthcare industry.

The purpose behind our work is always to get through to that deeper, wiser and wordless space where change can happen – not by telling people how to feel, but holding the space for healing and natural relaxation to take place. Read more…